“Ships of Theseus”

[The Reinvented Heart, 03.2022]

David isn’t a particularly close friend—I don’t have any particularly close friends—but he’s a real prosthetic expert, so he’s the one I go to when I want to talk about getting a new arm. I know he won’t make a fuss about it. He’s not much of a feelings-talker. That’s what I like about him, really. [continue reading, $]

“Kozuna, the Ogre’s Child”

[Metaphorosis, 01.2020]

The red rental car plunged into the tunnel. Hitomi’s eyes adjusted: the sun winked out, replaced by the yellow glow of sodium lights flashing by too fast.

Professor Ueda had insisted on driving. Hitomi had offered, of course, but he had looked so indignant that she was reluctant to offer twice… [continue reading]

Score anthology cover


[Score anthology, 03.2019]

Aspasia leaned over the railing of the research vessel and looked out at the vast kelp field for the last time. The water was an impossibly lucid turquoise; beneath the surface, ribbons of dark kelp fluttered peacefully.

In the distance, dry, bone-white limestone pinnacles peeked out from the surface of the ocean, the remnants of Nauru’s phosphate strip mines… [continue reading, $]

“The Dream Diary of Monk Anchin”

[Metaphorosis, 07.2018]
[Metaphorosis: Best of 2018]

I went to the museum’s special exhibition on Seitokuji Temple alone, as was my habit. In the corner, there was a glass case full of portraits of the temple’s famous poets.

The last portrait made me stop to take a second look… [continue reading]