The Missing Ring [04.2019] [IFDB]

Best in Show, Spring Thing 2019

Sadie Goldberg-Lawson is celebrating Christmas with her whole dysfunctional family at her Gran’s house in Vermont. When Gran’s heirloom diamond ring goes missing, can Sadie solve the mystery of the missing ring before her family self-destructs?

An interactive mystery novella.

Nine Practical Love Spells [12.2018]

Practical love spells for the busy kitchen witch.

999 words. 9 endings.

Lost and Found [03.2018] [IFDB]

Jun lives on a bench in Edogawa Park. He’s come to know the neighborhood, and it unsettles him when one of the daily commuters disappears: Ms. Ishii, a schoolteacher. Why did she go missing, and why is no one else looking for her?

An interactive short story with three possible endings.